Pavers Sealing

Spotless brick and pavers cleaning and sealing, more than nine years experience on this services.Using always the best products on the market, getting the best results that we could, and the best satisfation to our customers. Why you need to apply sealer on your Brick and Pavers? Ultimate protection against oil and stains. Prevent discoloration caused by weather or UV rays. Makes surface easier to clean. Brings old pavers back to life. Reduces moss and weed growth. Change the finish or enhance the color of your pavers or brick.


  • Some pavers and brick need to cure for 30 days to allow efflorescence to rise before cleaning and sealing.
  • There are several factors that dictate when it is time to recoat or reseal your concrete paver.
  • Your concrete¬†pavers may need to be resealed in 3-5 years depending on weather, sunlight, traffic and type of sealer originally applied.

What the finish should you have for your Pavers and Brick?

Natural, gloss and wet look finish. All paver sealer enhances the beauty of your pavers while locking in the joint sand.

What our procedure for Cleaning and Sealing Pavers and Brick?

  • First we will remove spot clean oil, paint, efflorescence, rust or tire marks with the appropriate cleaner.
    han we will clean the entire surface with a clorine and a pressure washer.
  • It’s necessaire wait 24 hours or until the Pavers and Brick are completely dry to apply sealer.
  • After that we will apply on pavers and brick joint sand or make repairs if required.
  • It’s important we hang flagging to keep traffic off of sealed areas for 24 hours including verify irrigation systems are turned off.

How can get the estimate for cleaning and sealing my pavers?

Spotless sales representative, need to get the area in sq/ft, and give you the free estimate. He will explain to you our procedures for best results on your driveway, side walk, pool decks or patios in your house.