Grout & Tile Cleaning

The Deepest Tile and Grout Cleaning Available: Our Vapor Cleaning Machine Will Eradicate Bacteria, Bugs, and Mold that You Didn’t Even Know Were There

Tiled surfaces with grouting are difficult to clean and they become traps for bacteria, bugs, and mold. As well, the grouting takes on a darker color from dirt that regular cleaning just can’t remove. But now, thanks to our Vapor Cleaning machine, tile and grout cleaning has never been easier. Vapor cleaning penetrates areas too small for water! That’s the power of our Vapor Cleaning system, the most advanced technology and the deepest clean available in the cleaning industry today.

What is vapor cleaning and why is it important in tile and grout cleaning?

Many surfaces and all fabrics have microscopic spaces or cracks in them where mold, bugs, and bacteria live. Tile and grout cleaning are especially difficult because of the varying surface properties – tile is hard and has a tendency scratch while grout is permeable; and frequently they cover large areas – therefore, they are difficult to clean easily. Vapor cleaning is the solution for the most effective tile and grout cleaning. Vapor cleaning super-heats water to a temperature that converts water to vapor, which IS small enough to penetrate and sanitize cracks and spaces that water and steam cannot, turning regular tile and grout cleaning into superpowered sanitization that is unmatched by any other cleaning method.